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Sinnamon POV Spanking (video) You were supposed to be cleaning, not fucking around and I am pissed. I take you over My knee for a punishment span [...]
Busted & Bl00dy (video) NYC Latina Domme Bossy Delilah crawls through a window only to find one broke bitch of an old man. She's pissed and [...]
Stinky Feet JOI (video) I've been walking around all day in these cute canvas wedges and My feet are sweaty and stinky! I quickly tease the [...]
Pegging Party w Ass to (video) Elena DeLuca and Julie Simone each claim a slave's ass with Their imposing strap on cocks. Julie chooses to fuck He [...]
Naked G/G Hair Washing (video) Curvy beauties Nikki Sebastian and Julie Simone are naked in the shower together. They take turns washing each oth [...]
Office Discipline w Smo (video) From the DVD "Julie Simone is a Dominatrix, Julie Simone is a boss who has unconventional methods for getting the m [...]
Samantha JOI Premature (video) Samantha Grace leads you in a masturbation exercise to help you with your premature ejaculation problem. She uses a [...]
Sadistic Strap On Leath (video) Curvy Mistress Julie Simone has a slave restrained in Her leather sling. She told him one of Her conditions for fil [...]
Femdom Stockings Barefo (video) Mistress Julie Simone allows Her hooded slave to worship Her sheer seamed cuban heel stockings. She removes the st [...]
Love My Lather Mouthsoa (video) That smart mouth of yours has gotten you in trouble again. I unwrap a large bar of soap and tell you all the ways [...]
Auntie Julie Small Peni (video) You're not sure how you measure up to the other boys and you're too embarrassed to ask your mommie, so you ask your [...]
Smoking Leather Gloves (video) Busty redhead Julie Simone smokes a Virginia Slims 120s while wearing leather gloves, a pretty bra and satin corset [...]

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